No Risk, No Money Out-of-Pocket, Staffed Event

What if I told you that you could do an event with 50,000 to 150,000 pieces of direct mail at no cost to you?
That's right! NOTHING out of pocket.

But then if I also told you that we would get paid based on a performance scale of $0-$450,000 in total gross profit -  almost as if I were going to GUARANTEE your success! Would you say, "It's too good to be true!" or would you want to know more?

TopGunz Marketing has been setting the standards high for staffed events for the last 9 years and is a leader in the industry.

Just a few of the many reasons to run an event with TopGunz:

*The management staff shows up at the dealership the day before the sale for 2 hours of training on "how to handle
the event traffic" with your entire team.

*No Sunglasses, chewing gum, or smoking permitted for any of our team during a sale.

*Every team member wears a TopGunz uniform (Matching brown or black shoes and belt, Khaki or Navy pants,
White TGZ Polo or button up with TGZ Fleece).
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*Award winning creative design.
Button-up TGZ shirt with Navy pants
TGZ Polo with Khaki pants
*We're not only the event company, but we're also the printer.

*You never have to worry about getting a job out in a timely manner or paying too much for mail because of the
*We're the ONLY company to deliver the mail directly to your parts department and then to the DDU's once you've
signed off on receiving it. "Seeing is believing!"

*As a company we pride ourselves on less than a half a percent charge back ratio...however we WILL participate in
any and all chargebacks that may occur for 180 days after the sale.
It's real simple...we believe that if we're honest, hardworking, and dedicated to the cause of helping the dealer, then we will always be successful.

For more information on how to book your next event, call us at:  305-206-0679
or email us using form on the CONTACT US page